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Sales Compensation – It Pays to Spell It Out!

When discussing compensation, sales reps and sales managers often focus only on the most obvious issues: quotas and commissions. The sales reps care about earnings. The sales managers care about results. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. The Devil Is in the Details To protect the interests of all parties involved, make sure […]

Sales Compensation – Pay For The Results You Want

We recently met Tom Hopkins (name disguised), the CEO of a successful industrial equipment distributor. When Tom bought the company a few years ago, he inherited a competent sales team. But there was a problem. Tom’s sales reps were “farmers,” not “hunters.” They were very comfortable selling the products they knew through the people they […]

Sales Compensation – What’s the Right Salary/Commission Mix?

Striking the right balance between salary and commission is one of the most complex – and vexing – issues that CEOs and sales leaders face. So, how do you find the right balance for your company? What compensation mix are other companies paying? First, let’s look at how other companies compensate their reps. As shown […]

Salary vs. Commission – What Is the Right Mix?

Compensation is one of the most complex– and vexing–sales management issues that sales leaders and CEOs face. And a particularly challenging aspect of sales compensation is determining the base salary vs. commission mix. Why? Because base salary and commission reward often conflicting objectives. A base salary can encourage one set of behaviors and variable compensation […]

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