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Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy

In the good old days, buyers routinely met with salespeople to learn about their products and to begin a dialog about possible needs. Along the way, they developed a relationship. Buyers were happy to have introductory meetings with salespeople. They were valuable sources of information, not only about their products but about the industry. Salespeople, […]

Are You Selling Products or Selling Value?

Here are three ways to sell a product. In this case, the product is a hypothetical computer system called Titan 2000. Features: The Titan 2000 processes 1 billion instructions per second. Benefits: The Titan 2000‘s computing power is comparable to other models in its class but at a significantly lower cost. Value: I understand reducing […]

Don’t Waste Your Lead Generation Budget

B2B companies spend a lot of money generating leads for their sales teams. A $100 million company may spend 2% to 5% of its revenue on marketing. That can be up to $5 million.  The good news is that this investment can generate lots of leads. The bad news is that only about 20% of […]

How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part II

In our last post, How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part I, we discussed the first three steps in constructing a pipeline:  Define your sales stages Assign your company’s historic closing probabilities and timeframes for each stage Populate the pipeline with your deals  4. Create a Sales Forecast The fourth and final step is to […]

How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part I

In our last post, Why You Need a Sales Pipeline, we explained the importance and benefits of a pipeline. Essentially, a well-constructed pipeline helps sales representatives, sales VP’s, and senior executives do their jobs more effectively. In this post and the next, we will explain how to construct a pipeline. There are four steps: Define […]

Why You Need a Sales Pipeline

Why You Need a Sales Pipeline A well-constructed sales pipeline is a potent management tool. It helps: The sales rep manage her territory The Sales VP manage the sales team The senior executive team manage the business But there is a caveat. The adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies here. If the sales reps use […]

Is Your Sales Team a Well Oiled Machine?

Well, it’s happened again. Your sales team missed its first quarter number. Round up the usual suspects. Schedule (the inevitable) quarterly tongue lashings. Alert the HR firing squad. Someone is to blame. Someone must pay. Wait a minute! Is the problem the people or the processes? Figure that out first. Do an audit. Find out […]

What Are Your Sales Reps Working On?

Many sales reps roll the dice when they look for new business. They spend a lot of time chasing opportunities that, well, aren’t really opportunities at all. There are many reasons why sales don’t happen. They include a mismatch between the need and the offering, budget issues, and competition. And one quarter of all forecasted […]

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