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Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy

In the good old days, buyers routinely met with salespeople to learn about their products and to begin a dialog about possible needs. Along the way, they developed a relationship. Buyers were happy to have introductory meetings with salespeople. They were valuable sources of information, not only about their products but about the industry. Salespeople, […]

Are Your Sales Reps Spending Time on the Right Accounts?

Riley is a sales rep with Titan Technologies, a hypothetical company. She sells a complex $500,000 solution that streamlines manufacturing processes. Her sales cycle is usually 12-18 months. The effort is intense and time-consuming for her. Riley can’t afford to spend six months on a project only to discover the prospect and Titan weren’t a […]

You’ve Got a Sales Strategy. Do Your Sales Reps Have One?

Your company’s sales strategy is complete. You’ve identified the market segments and the types of companies you want to reach. You know what offerings you want to sell.  You’ve got a clear message. All your sales tools and marketing programs are in place. You’re ready to go. But what about your sales reps? Without them […]

What Peyton Manning Can Teach Your Sales Team

Peyton Manning announced his retirement from football last week. Whether you are a fan of the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts or any of the other 30 NFL teams, you’ve got to admit that Manning is one of the all-time greats to play quarterback in the league. Manning’s career is remarkable not only because of the […]

Sales Territory Plans: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

  Most companies do strategic planning in September and October, but the fourth quarter is not the best time for your sales team to plan. They’re focused on closing out the current year.    In January, you recognize team successes for the prior year, assign sales targets and quotas, and kick off the new year.  […]

Are Your Sales Reps Ready for 2015?

It’s January. Your competitors’ sales reps are off and running. Are yours? The best way for your sales team to meet its revenue goals – and yours – is to develop and work through a territory plan. Don’t simply give your reps sales quotas and tell them to go figure. Have the reps develop a detailed territory […]

How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part II

In our last post, How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part I, we discussed the first three steps in constructing a pipeline:  Define your sales stages Assign your company’s historic closing probabilities and timeframes for each stage Populate the pipeline with your deals  4. Create a Sales Forecast The fourth and final step is to […]

How to Construct a Sales Pipeline – Part I

In our last post, Why You Need a Sales Pipeline, we explained the importance and benefits of a pipeline. Essentially, a well-constructed pipeline helps sales representatives, sales VP’s, and senior executives do their jobs more effectively. In this post and the next, we will explain how to construct a pipeline. There are four steps: Define […]

Why You Need a Sales Pipeline

Why You Need a Sales Pipeline A well-constructed sales pipeline is a potent management tool. It helps: The sales rep manage her territory The Sales VP manage the sales team The senior executive team manage the business But there is a caveat. The adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” applies here. If the sales reps use […]

Without a Sales Strategy Your Reps Are in the Dark

  Tom is a sales pro. He’s smart, organized, proactive, and great with prospects. Just one problem. Without a clear sales strategy, Tom is “lost.” He can’t be sure which opportunities to pursue or how to best explain his company’s offerings. He’s left to figure it out by himself. He may say the wrong things […]

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