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Are Your Sales Reps Spending Time on the Right Accounts?

Riley is a sales rep with Titan Technologies, a hypothetical company. She sells a complex $500,000 solution that streamlines manufacturing processes. Her sales cycle is usually 12-18 months. The effort is intense and time-consuming for her. Riley can’t afford to spend six months on a project only to discover the prospect and Titan weren’t a […]

You’ve Got a Sales Strategy. Do Your Sales Reps Have One?

Your company’s sales strategy is complete. You’ve identified the market segments and the types of companies you want to reach. You know what offerings you want to sell.  You’ve got a clear message. All your sales tools and marketing programs are in place. You’re ready to go. But what about your sales reps? Without them […]

Sell More, Spend Less – Part II

In our previous newsletter article Specialize: You’ll Sell More and Spend Less – Part I, we described a new sales structure. This article discusses the new structure’s financial impact. Let’s recap briefly how the sales organization would change: Field Sales has fewer responsibilities and focuses exclusively on face-to-face selling and closing deals. Inside Sales assumes […]

Specialize. You’ll Sell More and Spend Less

Would you like a sales team that sells more and costs less?   We thought so.   In that case, we’ve got one word for you:                                    S P E C I A L I Z E   By having […]

Without a Sales Strategy Your Reps Are in the Dark

  Tom is a sales pro. He’s smart, organized, proactive, and great with prospects. Just one problem. Without a clear sales strategy, Tom is “lost.” He can’t be sure which opportunities to pursue or how to best explain his company’s offerings. He’s left to figure it out by himself. He may say the wrong things […]

Even Great Sales Reps Can’t Do It All Alone

  This is a quiz. Great salespeople succeed because (check all that apply): (a)    They can sell anything to anyone (b)   The don’t need any company support (c)    They develop their own messages, strategies, materials, and processes (d)   None of the above If you chose (a) – (c), you’re wrong. The correct answer is “None […]

Is Your Sales Team a Well Oiled Machine?

Well, it’s happened again. Your sales team missed its first quarter number. Round up the usual suspects. Schedule (the inevitable) quarterly tongue lashings. Alert the HR firing squad. Someone is to blame. Someone must pay. Wait a minute! Is the problem the people or the processes? Figure that out first. Do an audit. Find out […]

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