Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation  

Compensation is one of your most potent sales management tools.

An effective compensation system helps you reach your company’s sales goals. It also rewards your sales reps for the results you want. That’s a win-win.

Your compensation plan should support your overall corporate strategy. Your reps should be focusing on the strategically important markets and selling strategically important products and services. That means your company’s goals and your reps’ goals are aligned.

Often, companies pay their sales reps the same commission percentage regardless of where the business comes from. As a result, reps focus on transactional selling or “the low hanging fruit” – a.k.a. the easy stuff.

The Sales Management Group works with clients to create sales compensation systems that:

  • Reward sales reps for selling the right things to the right people at the right price
  • Motivate reps to sell effectively and compensates them for their non-selling responsibilities

To learn more, download Sales Compensation Plans.


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