Sales Information

 Sales Information Systems  

It is difficult for a CEO or sales leader to effectively manage a sales organization without good information. Yet, many leaders don’t have the right information. This includes:

  • Sales Activities – What are the sales reps doing? Whom are they talking to? How many meetings are they having?
  • Sales Reports – What’s in the pipeline? What will close and when? How accurate are the sales forecasts?

SMG works with clients to determine what information they need and how to get it. In many cases, we help clients get more out of their CRM systems. That means putting accurate information in the CRM system and getting useful reports out.  We teach your sales reps and management team to use the system more effectively.

If you’re looking for a new CRM system, we’ll help you define your needs and create the specs. We’ll then identify and interview vendors and provide recommendations.

Once the new system is installed, we will help train your team and develop management reports so that you and your team can get the most of out of the system.

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