Sales Scorecard


The Sales Scorecard is an effective tool for measuring a sales organization’s effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement. Scorecards are particularly useful for:

  • CEOs and sales leaders who want to drive more revenue without adding more resources
  • Private Equity Investors contemplating an investment or evaluating a portfolio company’s performance
  • Business Owners considering an exit and looking for ways to make their companies more salable

SMG’s Sales Scorecard provides an unvarnished picture of a sales organization: what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix it.

We interview your sales team, sales support team, and anyone else in the organization who interacts with the sales team. We find out what prevents your team from selling more and what creates friction within the overall selling organization.

We also look at what your sales representatives focus on. Are they pursuing the strategically important opportunities or simply chasing the low-hanging fruit?

Common problems we uncover as part of the Sales Scoring process:

  • Compensation plans with the wrong incentives
  • No documented plans to drive business
  • Inability to focus on the most strategically important opportunities
  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Administrative tasks that distract the sales team from selling
  • Difficulty closing deals because of cumbersome contract and proposal procedures

After we complete our analysis, we give our clients an action plan with specific recommendations for a more efficient and effective sales organization.

Download more information on the Sales Scorecard.


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