Sales Strategy

 Sales Processes  

 Your sales strategy drives your entire sales effort. A clear, well thought out, well communicated sales strategy gives your sales team the direction it needs to sell effectively.

Your strategy should answer three questions: What, Who, and Why


What are you offering your marketplace? Your strategy should identify the strategically important products or services so that your reps know what to focus on.


Who is your target audience? Your strategy should identify whom your reps should be calling on: industries, company size, job title. These are the people most receptive to your offerings.


Why should your prospects buy from you? What problems do you solve for them? Your strategy will help your reps understand their prospects’ problems and offer appropriate solutions.

The Sales Management Group helps clients develop sales strategies by conducting management workshops to define the key issues and create a plan. We then write up the workshop notes to formalize the strategy.

The next step is to run training sessions for your sales team so each member clearly understands the strategy. After that we’ll work with your sales reps to develop their individual territory plans. Those plans should flow directly from the sales strategy.


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