Territory Planning

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A territory plan is an essential tool for both sales reps and their managers. Without one, a sales goal is just a number.

The territory plan is a strategic roadmap for sales reps. It also shows the CEO or sales leader that a sales rep knows what she’s supposed to be doing.

The territory should mirror your company’s overall sales strategy. It should reflect the markets you want to pursue and the products/services you want to sell.

The plan can be based on geography, industries, or a particular type of account. It includes

  • Identifying key opportunities with both existing customers and prospects
  • Developing a plan to approach each key account
  • Establishing revenue goals:
    • By Account
    • By Product/Service

The Sales Management Group works with clients and their sales reps to develop plans for each territory. We provide templates that sales reps can use and the coaching to make sure they the complete the plans correctly.

We also run single and multi-day sessions for companies to develop territory plans.

To learn more, download Territory Planning.

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